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Wade Institute of Technology

Without expectations, there's no future,

only an endless present.

Fran A. Sois, Nobel Prize Winner

Any useful statement about the future should

at first seem ridiculous.

Jim Dator 

When we have understood the present,

it has become the past. 

Andrew Abbott, Time Matters

How to Think

The stubbornly acute under-representation of African Americans and people of African descent in the technology ecosystem is a national disgrace and will continue absent systemic change.  In collaboration with the Stanford University School of Engineering, we are thinking this through.

How to Act

We are seizing with zeal the political moment and resultant economic opportunities to mitigate, if not eliminate, systemic disparities. In all we do, we seek to train a pipeline of students - from Pre-Kindergarten through doctorate levels - how to think and act as village, community, national, and global leaders, designing and implementing transformative change.